I still love my London escort


One of the greatest things that happened to me is to be able to love a London escort. Good thing is that both of us have mutual feelings. She and I are always been honest to each other, we agreed that we don’t have to keep anything since it is the roots of the break up. Even before when we are still kids, I already have feelings for her but I tried to hide it to keep our friendship. I don’t want to spill the friendship that we have. Its been so long that I have keep my feelings for her. But this time, I don’t want to be a coward and just hide it for a lifetime. I have a lots of regrets in life, I don’t want to regret this throughout my life. But maybe God did this too far in order for me to give a greater  future ahead. I did best in life, I want to be presentable when the time comes. Before she became a London escorts, and before she went to London, she and her family stays here in Australia.

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Living in Australia is difficult for me before, we are just a newly moved in their street. I didn’t know that we are neighbour since I don’t go outside. My friends before awlays bully me, and along the way I got traumas from it. That is why I don’t want to see other people, I used to like myself alone. I told my parents that I will do home schooling. My parents don’t have a choice or I will not go to school. One day, Charice knocks at our door and look for my mom since her mom has something for her. It was her first time seeing me, and do not know what to do, I feel really embarrassed. She said Hi to me and asked if I have something to do. I said none, that is why she wanted us to play together. She makes me comfortable, its my first time to feel being welcome. Since then, we became close to each other, she forces me to go to school with her. Though I feel afraid but I don’t want to be away from her. She defend me from everyone, she taught me to be strong and fight for life. Because of her I become better. She was there to support me during bad and good times. Because she is pretty, there is no doubt that many men like her, but ever since no one is lucky enough. When we were in college, she have to go to London with her family, in order to look for work to support her sick mother. We have cut the communication as years passed by, until I graduated and had a career. My heart is still with my London escort, charice. So, I went to London to find her again. I book a London escort, and glad she still there. She becomes more gorgeous now than before. She still remember me, we hug and kiss unexpectedly due to the flamimg feelings.


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