Choose happiness, choose to become Hendon Escorts

In life no matter how hard it gets, happiness is a priority. We are only satisfied and fulfilled when we choose our passion, our love, etc. Happiness comes within you, and you should decide for yourself and no other people. Life may seem so hard, it gets tougher every day, and sometimes we can’t help but cry because of mounds of problems around us. Challenges are part of life, they are normal, and we could not do something about it. To live is to become brave, to fight against life difficulties and struggle. When you struggle in life, you become more determined to improve your living. There is no easy way of life, all are step by step, and it is a process. You cannot just be successful because you want it, you will put effort and time into it to make it work. If you are eager to become successful, you should know how to sacrifice and suffer. There is no comfortable life, better to struggle now and succeed later. If you feel that wealthy people are lucky well you are wrong before they became who they are, start from the very beginning; they put all their efforts and time to it that sometimes to forget their self. Many people have become successful because of the dangerous it, they keep their goals and slowly achieve it. Being poor is not a hindrance to success, it’s a way of it.

I dream to become someone in the future, to become famous, to spread joy but my situation is blocking my way. And that is how I thought before; I am so cynical that I want to die when problems are coming over me. I do not know how to handle them anymore, they are coming like a bomb and explode it to me. I still can recall the times I am starving and begging for foods. I have no family since my mother left me in the street when I am twelve years old and since then I never saw her. I live my life every day in danger, such as rape, violence, etc. But along the way, I became strong and realized that no one would likely to help me. And staying in this situation is hard. So, I have started to dream big, and hopefully, I can go on with it.

One time, an old man discovers me, he brought me to Hendon, part of London, I go with him since I had no choice and in need of work. Luckily she never fools me; he hires me to become a Hendon Escorts and my life choices is right. Becoming a Hendon Escorts of make me realize how blessed I am and I choose happiness.


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