Millions in the bank and escorting

When I moved up to London, my dad bought this really lovely flat in the Docklands. He also gave me an allowance and told me to get on with life. The first couple of months were great, but then I started to get bored. I was longing for something to do, but I did not really no what. It was around the same time, I met a guy who worked for a male London escorts agency service. He worked strictly as an outcall escort and he suggested that I check out outcall London escorts.

Well, as I liked to party and have fun, I thought that London escorts would be a good career for me. Academically I have never really been that great so studying was never going to be my thing. Dating gents for London escorts was something that I could do. It was just a matter of finding a job and getting some experiences. I debated a while if I should tell my family, but then I decided not to. My family is rich but not very close. As a matter of fact, I don’t see my family very often.

After a couple of weeks, I managed to get a job with a new London escorts service. Even though I had no experience, they were willing to let me have go at escorting. I took to working for London escorts like a duck takes to water. Many of the guys that I met were pretty well off and they could relate to me. I think that helped a lot. At the same time, I was always going out partying with them, and I really loved that as well. It was perhaps the ideal lifestyle for me.

When I had been with cheap London escorts for a while, I decided to buck my ideas up and get another job. I managed to find this elite London escorts and I started to work there one cold November night. The dates at this agency were totally different. Most of them were from out of town and I ended up dating a lot of visitors to London. I have to say that I was doing a lot of business dates and it suited me perfectly. Going out for nice meals and having nice wine has been part of my life for a long time.

I am still escorting with elite London escorts. It is great and I do really well. At the moment I am one of the busiest girls at the agency. Yes, it is fun working for London escorts, but more than anything, I like having a job. This is something that I have achieved for myself and that makes a difference. No, I will never tell my family. Instead I see less and less of them. I have realized that life is not all about money. It is about so much else as well and that has come to mean more to me than anything else. Believe me, not all London escorts are in it for the money. I am just in it for the pleasure.


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