Hottest London Escorts

Mayfair escorts from have the reputation of being the hottest escorts in London but is this really true? I recently wrote into the Better Sex Guide and asked if this is the best place in London to date VIP escorts. In recent years I have heard a lot about VIP and elite escorts, and I wanted to know what makes them so special. Some of my friends say that they have dated VIP escorts and the experience have been so much better. I would really like to know if there is anything that makes VIP or elite escorts more special than cheap escorts.
Dating VIP escorts can indeed be a very special experience. One of the main advantages with dating elite or VIP Mayfair escorts that you get to meet a lady who has a lot of experience in escorting. She will be just as comfortable in your home, her boudoir or in a restaurant. You can trust and rely on that she will know what to do and how to behave on every occasion. To her escorting is an art form and she is often a lady who loves to indulge her dates in more than one special way.
You can also expect a better service from Mayfair escorts in a different way. Most escorts would be happy to offer you a glass of wine to relax a little bit, but elite escorts do it a little bit different. Most of these very select ladies will pour you a glass of champagne after your shower and you will able to have a nice little chat whilst you enjoy your glass of champagne. It will not be any cheap champagne neither, it will be a good quality champagne that you can sip slowly in each others company, or perhaps in the jacuzzi.
Mayfair escorts also like to take their time. There is no rush here at all and you will find that most VIP and elite escorts like to take it slow. They would like you to savor your date as well as enjoy it at the same time. After all you have made the arrangements to take some time out of your busy schedule to enjoy the company of some of London’s best courtesans – why should you want to rush. It is easy to arrange one hour dates, but why do you not give yourself a little treat, indulge in a two hour date.
Mayfair escorts are some of the busiest escorts in London and it is important that you arrange your date as soon as you are in the mood. Don’t take the strains and stresses of every day life with you -leave them firmly at the door and let you hot an sexy Mayfair girl help you to relax. Needless to say, you will soon start feeling very comfortable in her company and she will do her utmost to look after you. Surrender and let pure sensual indulgence take you over for a few hours of your very busy day.


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