Happiness is my priority now after the break up – Croydon escorts

Nothing more painful than being with someone who does not treat you right. It’s not easy to be with someone who only cares for himself than your happiness. He had caused so much to my life; I didn’t know that he would be that terrible person. I trusted him so much, give her everything that I can. He is the only person I love but he still chooses to break my heart. He is my first boyfriend, and we had lots of plans together. It turns out to be a nightmare when he starts to change. I didn’t thought he would change that much, I know that change is the only constant in this world, and every day I feared him changing someone I do not know any more. Anyway that is in the past now, thankfully after that break up I choose to go to London for work. My aunt offered me a job at Croydon. Well the place is really cool, very relaxing and I find it a good place to stay for a while. I’ve been in a relationship for 7 years, it’s quite long, and we had memories that it’s hard to forget. And then this job came to my life to help me out my problem. I audition as a Croydon escort from https://charlotteaction.org/croydon-escorts, weeks after I got hired. I met a lot of friends there; I slowly enjoy myself and these people. Croydon escorts ladies are very well mannered and they accepted me as family already. I find a new beginning being a Croydon escort. I really love the place, and the people. I started to work a month after my training. The first day of being a Croydon escort was fun, but tiring since my companion and I went to a hiking adventure. Well it depends on your companion on where he wants. I started to love my work, being a Croydon escort meets me new people that had also experiencing the same thing with me. We tried to heal each other and build each other up. I slowly forget my ex-boyfriend because of my work. I slowly give myself time to love myself. I started to find happiness in myself and everything I do. Three years after I went home for a quick vacation and visit my family. I and my ex-boyfriend saw each other, he run over me and approaches me. I tried to ignore him but he is begging me. He apologized to me and asked me to go out again. Well I am not that stupid enough. I finally got my freedom from him and love myself now to be able to let him give the best of me again? No it won’t happened. I declined it and told him that I don’t like to see his face again, I am not bitter I am just doing what he deserved. Girls don’t have to beg for anyone’s love. Girls are precious. All of us have lots of capabilities to be good in life.


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